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We offer advice and personalised supplements based on our in-depth health assessment. But in order to get a more accurate picture of exactly what your body needs, we also offer you the choice of a range of easy at-home tests.

Let’s take vitamin D as an example. How do we know what dose is right for you if we don’t know your current vitamin D levels? Some people have chronically low levels, others are just where they should be. So we always recommend that you start with a blood nutrient test and then, either at the same time or a later date, you can increase the personalisation further by taking DNA and gut microbiome tests.

For our SIBO tests, we recommend that you first complete the SIBO symptom checker and follow the subsequent recommendations.

Blood Test

Our blood test measures levels of 12 key nutrients: vitamin D3, omega 3, active B12, folate, iron (ferritin), magnesium, copper, cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and CRP (inflammation).

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DNA Test

Why do some of us put on weight easily? Why do you feel low in energy? Why do some people have poor exercise recovery? Or PMS or prostate problems?

Genetics help us to understand the root causes of problems so we can recommend simple, effective solutions.

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Gut Test

To understand your current state of gut health we recommend you take a gut microbiome test. We then give simple recommendations to improve your gut health including a high-strength probiotic personalised to your needs.

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Do you suffer from bloating after eating, heartburn/reflux, belching, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea, joint pain, rosacea, brain fog, or nausea and loss of appetite?

Test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (“SIBO”) with a home breath test for hydrogen and methane.

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