DNA test


  • We only interpret and use genes with level A evidence (high level of research).
  • We look at inflammation profile, anti-oxidant need, vitamin profiling and factors affecting weight. Gluten,  lactose and MTHFR (methylation).
  • DNA raw data available to avoid re-testing in the future.
  • In partnership with Atlas Biomed DNA testing


  • DNA analysis is a big part of the puzzle but only useful when put in context with other tests and your personal history. DNA does not change between age 2 and age 80 but the proteins these genes produce and your requirements during that time will vary enormously.
  • DNA analysis guides and can help to finesse but, unless in extreme examples, does not give an answer.
  • Supplementation and DNA analysis helps to answer “How much?” more than the “Which supplement? ” question.
  • Life1000 analyses genetic variations; most closely linked to nutritional requirements, physical performance and skin health based on clinical evidence. By looking at these variants (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) SNP’s we are able to provide personalised recommendations; where you should limit or restrict your intake of the nutrients for example saturated fat or salt, where you may need to increase your dietary intake or take a supplement to optimise your blood levels, what you can do to improve your skin health as well as how to optimise your fitness routine.
  • B12 and Folate behaviour are essential to health and are involved in many systems. Some genetic variations are significantly compromised and the process of “methylation” affected if your diet is not optimal. Methylation is associated with the switches that turn genes on and off.

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