Gut microbiome test


  • 16s gene sequence test
  • Healthy gut bugs/ microbes are essential for health.
  • Antibiotics in childhood have been shown to affect our microbes affect how we break down food and cause obesity
  • Gut health is linked to a. skin health; rosacea, acne and eczema b. mental health; depression, ADHD, anxiety c. autoimmune conditions.
  • We sequence gut microbes using the latest 16s gene sequencing to understand your balance of good versus unhelpful microbes and then suggest how to fix them.
  • Remember your gut bugs are your friends but a side effect of treating infections is that it can take between 6-24 months to recover from a single course of antibiotics.
  • In partnership with Atlas Biomed microbiome testing


  • A high variety of gut bugs and microbes have been shown to be linked to good health, we give you a “diversity score” out of 10 that can be tracked over time.
  • Your gut makes something called butyrate from insoluble fibre that makes up 20% of your energy need, we asses how good your gut is at doing this.
  • Your gut makes vitamins, we analyse your ability to do that.
  • Antibiotics + Starchy diet can cause an overgrowth of yeast in the gut leading to many skin conditions such as psoriasis, sebopsoriasis, acne and eczema. Fix it on the inside- fix it on the outside.

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