SIBO herbal antibiotic treatment (4 weeks)


  • High strength anti-microbial treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (“SIBO”)
  • Suitable for SIBO without constipation. If you have constipation as well as SIBO see SIBO mixed/ IMO
  • Used to improve bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, rosacea and gut dysbiosis
  • 4 week course with high strength antimicrobials
  • May require multiple courses. 70% improvement after one course
  • SIBO treatment: high dose berberine, oregano oil, and sacchromyces boulardii 5B CFU
  • SIFO treatment (candida and fungal): including caprylic acid 400mg and grapefruit seed with sacchromyces boulardii 5B CFU
  • NAC with zinc and selenium
  • Supplements taken 3 times a day, in ready-made packs
  • Ingredients: Berberine HCl, Oregano oil, ginger oil, fennel oil, caprylic acid, rosemary, cinnamon, quercetin, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, clove, saccharomyces boulardii (5B CFU), NAC, zinc, selenium


Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (“SIBO”) is a condition whereby bacteria is in the wrong part of the gut. In healthy digestive systems, food passes from the stomach into the small intestine and energy is extracted by our own enzymes breaking down food and absorbing nutrients and vitamins into the body. What remains cannot be broken be down and so passes through into the large intestine. Here fermentation occurs by the bacteria that live in our gut. This process breaks down substances like fibre into nutrients like butyrate that our cells can then absorb.

This is normally maintained by stomach acid, bile, enzymes, the immune system, strong peristalitic movement of the gut and a normally functioning ileocaecal valve. Other issues such as surgery, food poisoning, and antacids can affect this balance.

SIBO is when the bacteria is in the wrong place, ie the small intestine, so the fermentation and production of gases occur further up in the gut. This means carbohydrates that would normally be broken down by our own enzymes are now fermented by bacteria. This causes a rapid and high production of gas, causing bloating and discomfort. If this is ongoing it will cause damage to the mucosa lining the gut and cause inflammation.

The treatment of SIBO can be difficult and involves a number of stages:

Phase 1: Weeks 1-4

  • Remove bacteria with strong herbal antimicrobials or antibiotics
  • 23% of cases also have a fungal element – this must also be treated
  • Reduce the fast fermenting foods from the diet such as raw food, salads, starches, and fibres (FODMAPs)
  • Treatment dependent on SIBO type: high dose berberine 3g  per day, oregano, caprylic acid, neem, allicin 450mg (for methane and mixed) and saccharomyces boulardii 5B CFU
  • Also: rosemary, zinc, clove, grapefruit seed, thyme, quercetin, cinnamon, aloe vera

Phase 2: Weeks 5-8

  • Slowly reintroduce FODMAP specific foods
  • L-glutamine, zinc, selenium, quercetin, silymarin, ginger (or prescription prokinetic to reduce recurrence), s. boulardii

Phase 3: 9-16 weeks

  • Increase fibre and foods in diet
  • Increase L-glutamine, quercetin, silymarin, ginger (or prescription prokinetic to reduce recurrence)
  • Omega 3, vitamin D and other minerals


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