Understanding the humanpeople health scores

At the heart of humanpeople, there is a lot of innovative health data analysis going on to integrate your current health status with blood testing and genetics based on DNA testing.

The first step of this process is the health assessment. We create hundreds of health data points. Your health scores are a way to compare your health to the general population and to give you a baseline score you can track over time.

How do I get my health score?

When you complete your online health assessment you will see four scores. One from each area you selected at the start of the assessment, as well as a general score.

These will be saved and you can access them from your humanpeople dashboard. Any supplement recommendations will also be saved there.

What do the health scores mean?

We have validated your score against the thousands of health assessments that have been done by humanpeople. These scores are displayed in the graph in the background and are constantly being updated.

The red line shows how you match up to the scores of people like you who have done the health assessment.

What does the blue line mean?

The blue line is the median score. On review of the health assessments, we know that this represents the average person in okay health. If your red line is to the right then this tells us you are doing better than the average person.

What does the General Score mean?

The general score looks at all of your answers to give an overall view of your health.

By contrast, the score for a specific area will only look at answers that are relevant to that area of interest.

What do the other scores mean?

The actual scores tell you where your health in that area sits compared to others who have taken our health assessment.

They are most helpful in tracking your health. It allows you to see if your number is going up or down depending on the health improvement protocol you are using when you repeat the health assessment. The first time you do the health assessment it gives a baseline score that you can then work to improve.

How do the predictive supplement recommendations work?

Our nutrition and medical team have reviewed hundreds of people who have done the health assessment as well as our diagnostic tests. They have then helped our data scientists refine their algorithms based on the knowledge of known blood results.

Our AI is now able to predict which supplements are most likely to be of benefit to you based on your health assessment scores. Although it will never be as accurate as testing we are getting very good results in predicting potential deficiencies.

The supplement recommendations are also weighted towards the areas you need the most help in as detected by your scores.


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