Step 1 All about you

Complete the health assessment

Our health assessment takes 5 minutes to complete. That detail allows you to give you better recommendations. Trackable health scores with recommendations on lifestyle, supplements and tests.

You can read more about our nutrition blood test to optimise your recommendations.

A DNA health test your personal "user manual" is integrated into your recommendations is invaluable.

Health assessment

step 2 Find out about you

Get your recommendations

Upon completion of your health assessment, you’ll receive an overall health score to track over time and immediate health and supplement recommendations.

Completed tests are integrated into your health, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

step 3 your personal stack- forget the bottles

Feel the improvements fast

Get started today and then refine your stack if you also opt for tests.

Each supplement sachet is made in-house, with no generic offering.

With high-strength, clean, third-party tested supplements.

You can cancel, pause or reschedule at any time.

Support from our medical and nutrition team.

step 4 stay on track

Measure your improvements on your personal dashboard

But is it working? Re-test and track your improvements from your personal dashboard.

Life changes and so do you. Repeating your blood test every 4-6 months confirms that our approach is effective.


Find out more about our tests

A health assessment is needed for all recommendations. Select your tests now and then start the health assessment.

Nutrition blood test


Easy home blood test
Integrated results
Results within 3-4 working days
Personalised recommendations
Find out more

DNA nutrition test


Saliva DNA test
Detailed DNA nutrition report
Integrated results
Your personal user manual
Find out more

Advanced lipids blood test


Apolipoprotein B (ApoB)
Apolipoprotein A (ApoA)
Lipoprotein (a)
Standard cholesterol markers
Find out more

Male hormone and testosterone test


Easy home test
Free T, Total T
Free Androgen Index
Prolactin, SHBG, LH, FSH
All plans come with 24/7 support.
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Do the health assessment to get recommendations now

Our 5-minute health assessment will give you recommendations based on your health goals and current health status. Alternatively, if you know what you already want you can build your own stack from scratch.

Got gut health issues? Find out more about the most common cause of IBS.

If you have significant gut issues the first step is to deal with this. The most common cause of gas, bloating and IBS-type symptoms is a treatable condition called SIBO. If you have symptoms like these, we recommend you check out The IBS-SIBO Solution first.

Take our short quiz to find out if a breath test is your next step to feeling yourself again.


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