Step 1 All about you

Know your health

Everyone's journey is different. You can choose to start with our free online health assessment to identify your top health goals and receive personalised guidance.

Or, see the options below where you can begin by ordering our easy, painless at-home nutrition blood test to test and correct the essential minerals and nutrients for normal healthy function.

Personalise further with our DNA health test. To understand your unique metabolic pathways, response to nutrition and exercise.

Health assessment

step 2 Find out about you

Simple and easy to understand

Upon completion of your health assessment, you’ll receive an overall health score to track over time and immediate health and supplement recommendations.

Once your blood results are in, you'll get a free personal video from our medical team and a detailed report, explaining your results and recommendations, all accessible through your personal dashboard.

We will update this further when your DNA results return.

step 3 your personal stack

Personalised and designed just for you

Our medical team will create tailored recommendations based on your integrated results.

Unlock your health potential with our advanced nutraceuticals, including nucleotides, essential fatty acids, adaptogens, nootropics, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals – ensuring a truly unique plan for each individual.

Enjoy hassle-free delivery of daily packs every four weeks, with no minimum order value and the flexibility to pause or cancel anytime. To track progress and refine your plan, we recommend re-testing blood nutrients every 4-6 months.

step 4 track your health

Watch your improvements over time

Life changes and so do you. Repeating your blood test every 4-6 months confirms that our approach is effective.

You can track your progress on your personal dashboard and access your detailed blood, and DNA reports all in one place.

We will help to optimise your health as your needs and goals change.


Or just choose your tests

A health assessment is needed for all recommendations. Select your tests now and then start the health assessment.

Nutrition blood test


Easy home blood test
Integrated results
Results within 3-4 working days
Personalised recommendations

DNA nutrition test


Saliva DNA test
Detailed DNA nutrition report
Integrated results
Your personal user manual

Do the health assessment to get recommendations now

Our 5-minute health assessment will give you recommendations based on your health goals and current health status. Alternatively, if you know what you already want you can build your own stack from scratch.

The IBS-SIBO Solution: health programme for gut issues

If you have significant gut issues the first step is to deal with this. The most common cause of gas, bloating and IBS-type symptoms is a treatable condition called SIBO. If you have symptoms like these, we recommend you check out The IBS-SIBO Solution first.

Take our short quiz to find out if a breath test is your next step to feeling yourself again.


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