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Thank you , here are your health scores in comparison to over 2,000 other individuals. See below for supplement and test recommendations.

Diet and balancing energy requirements is essential for fitness. If you are burning lots of calories as well as getting the required calories you also need to make sure you have the right amount of nutritional support to keep the energy pathways, digestive pathways, detoxification pathways and excretion working properly. Increasing important co-factors and anti-oxidants are especially important. Fluid balance and electrolytes will affect performance and some genes will affect this significantly.

Discover the Future of Supplementation

  • 100% Personalised: Tailored supplements for your unique needs.
  • Doctor-Verified: High-strength, clean, active ingredients.
  • Widest Range: The most extensive selection of high-strength supplements available in sachets.
  • Convenient Delivery: Daily sachets delivered every four weeks.
  • Hassle-Free: Easy-to-use daily sachets, no bottle management.
  • Flexible Subscription: Pause, cancel, or edit anytime.

Add home tests

Our Chief Medical Officer Dr Geoff Mullan explains the value of easy home testing.

  1. Unique home blood testing device
  2. Saliva DNA test
  3. Results integrated with your health assessment.
  4. Personalised video explaining your results and recommendations.

Integrating your home tests and your health assessment

We will automatically update your recommendations as soon as your test results return. One of the team will send you a video explaining your results and you then have the choice of updating your supplement stack.

Nutrition blood test


  • Easy home blood test
  • 11 key nutrition markers
  • Results within 3-4 working days
  • Integrated with health assessment
  • Personalised recommendations and supplement plans

DNA test


  • Saliva DNA sample
  • DNA nutrition report
  • Additional detailed report
  • Integrated with blood test and health assessment
  • Personalised recommendations and supplement plans

Learn more about our tests

Unlock the full potential of your health journey with our advanced easy at-home testing. By integrating blood and DNA (saliva) analysis, we offer a deeper level of personalisation, tailoring your supplement stack to your body's unique needs. This isn't just standard testing; it's a key step towards optimal health, customised just for you.


Track your progress on your own personal dashboard

No two solutions are the same - our doctors use Ai to analyse your health status to recommend supplement plans and optimise your healthspan.

Access detailed blood, DNA, and gut reports all in one place
Track your progress and optimise your health as your needs and goals change
Total control of your supplement pack and subscription management
View a full summary report of your health, progress and recommendations

Sustainable longevity: nourishing you and the planet

Streamlined wellness, reduced waste:

Our recyclable personalised sachets replace individual bottles, significantly cutting down on environmental impact.

Our boxes are recyclable and biodegradable.

frequently asked questions


How do I get started?

Now that you've completed your health assessment, you're in a great place to get started. Choose one of the following options:

  1. Buy your personalised supplement stack based on our recommendations above. Either click to add all recommendations or choose only those you'd like. You also have the option to choose other supplements by clicking "browse catalog".
  2. Dial up the personalisation of your stack by choosing one or more of our home diagnostic tests. You can add a blood test and/or a DNA test on this page. At the same time, you can order your personalised stack based on the recommendations from your health assessment. When your test results are ready, we will integrate them with your health asessment to increase the personalisaion of your stack.
  3. Would you prefer to build your own stack from scratch? No problem, head here to get started.
  4. Choose one of our ready-to-go stacks put together by our medical team to help you achieve a specific health goal like increased energy or better skin.

For more info, visit our Get Started page.

Can I just take the advanced longevity supplements and not bother with testing?

You are welcome to buy one of our pre-built longevity-specific stacks or to build your own stack from our wide range of longevity supplements.

However, we believe in a dual approach to longevity.

  1. Remove the things that accelerate ageing. The most
    common issues are nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health as well as poor sleep, diet and lifestyle.
  2. Apply longevity science. Take carefully selected supplement drugs that activate biological pathways to improve the way in which we age. That means better energy production, better cellular repair mechanisms, stronger immunity and building resilience.

If you jump straight to Step 2 without building solid foundations, you are likely to be wasting your time and money.

Are all test results reviewed by UK doctors?

Yes. Any test that is done will be integrated into your personalised recommendations.

We use AI to do some of this.

However, all results will still be reviewed by a UK-qualified GMC-registered Doctor.

Is humanpeople registered with the CQC?


humanpeople is a registered and regulated company with CQC.

Unlike many online health companies who claim they are CQC registered because the labs or Doctors they use are registered, we are registered in our own right.

Why is CQC registration important?

As a CQC-registered company, it means we have been assessed by the government body responsible for healthcare in the UK.

That means we have had to ensure all of the correct processes are in place to make sure we are being responsible with your health data and with any advice we are giving you.