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When you join humanpeople you instantly gain access to your dashboard which houses your medical results, reports, supplement subscriptions, recommendations and more.

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How the data driven approach works

Health tracking

Take control of your health goals and track your improvements easily over time.

We recommend starting with a simple, at-home blood test to correct the essential minerals and nutrients for normal healthy function.

Learn more about our Nutrition Blood Test.

DNA analysis

Opt to personalise your results down to your genes.

DNA helps us understand how your body absorbs, transforms and breaks down important chemicals. Which in turn impacts your energy, mood, appetite, hormones, inflammation and more.

Learn more about our DNA test

Integrated results

Simple and easy to understand.

Your test results are uploaded to your dashboard and remain accessible throughout your journey. We also integrate your results into summary reports for your convenience.

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Personal solutions

Clinically proven and tested.

We will provide nutritional advice and personalised programmes along with daily supplement packs based off your test results.

Humans. Robots. AI

With over 3 years of research.


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Select the test that suits you best. You can find all the information you need below in our FAQs section.


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In our free health assessment you can choose the three areas that are of most importance to you and we will build your personalised recommendations around these concerns.

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frequently asked questions


How do I get started?

Different people use humanpeople in different ways, so here is a guide to finding the best way to get started to achieve your personal health goals😀 .

  1. Are you worried about your gut health and suffer from IBS-type symptoms like gas, bloating, and discomfort after eating? Good gut health is the foundation for good overall health and longevity. Head to The IBS-SIBO Solution to find out more about a condition of the small intestine (called SIBO) which affects up to 70% of IBS cases. You'll be able to take our quick quiz to work out if a SIBO test is right for you.
  2. Would you like a fully personalised solution based on data from one or more of our diagnostic tests as well as our online health assessment? This gets to the heart of preventative, personalised healthcare. To get going with this route head to our Get Started page.
  3. You're not interested in testing, but would you like guidance on which supplements are best for you? Take our free online health assessment to get your health scores, initial lifestyle advice, and our recommendations for the best supplements for you.
  4. Do you already know which supplements you'd like and want to start building your own personalised stack? Head to our Supplement Finder where you can choose from a wide range of functional and advanced longevity supplements. 
  5. Are you interested in our ready-to-go supplement stacks, designed by our medical team to target a specific health goal? View our full range of ready-to-go stacks
  6. Would you like to find out more about our solutions to specific health goals, like longevity, energy, skin, and brain health? View all health goals, choose which takes your interest, and dive deeper into our approach and solutions for each.

If you'd like any help with getting started, drop us a note in our chatbot or contact us here.

Can I just take the advanced longevity supplements and not bother with testing?

You are welcome to buy one of our ready-to-go longevity stacks or to build your own stack from our wide range of longevity supplements.

However, it's best to make sure you've got your foundational health sorted first. We believe in a dual approach to longevity.

  1. Remove the things that accelerate ageing. The most common issues are nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health as well as poor sleep, diet and lifestyle.
  2. Apply longevity science. Take carefully selected supplement drugs that activate biological pathways to improve the way in which we age. That means better energy production, better cellular repair mechanisms, stronger immunity and building resilience.

If you jump straight to Step 2 without building solid foundations, you are likely to be wasting your time and money.

Are all test results reviewed by UK Doctors?

Yes. Any test that is done will be integrated into your recommendations.

We use AI to do some of this.

However, all results will still be reviewed by a UK-qualified GMC-registered Doctor.

Is humanpeople regulated?


humanpeople is a registered and regulated company with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

This is unlike many online health companies who claim they are CQC-registered due to the fact that they work with CQC-registered laboratories and doctors.

Why is CQC registration important?

As a CQC-registered company, it means we have been assessed by the government body responsible for healthcare in the UK.

That means we have had to ensure all of the correct processes are in place to make sure we are being responsible with your health data and with any advice we are giving you.