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humanpeople is all about, you guessed it, people.

Image of Dr Geoff Mullan Chief Medical Officer

Co-founder and CEO

Dr Geoff Mullan

Dr. Geoff Mullan, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of humanpeople, is transforming longevity and healthcare. With 15+ years of clinical experience and a focus on functional medicine, he integrates AI and machine learning to redefine treatment approaches. His innovative strategies, rooted in detailed diagnostics and genetic analysis, form the backbone of humanpeople. Committed to preventative health, Dr. Mullan, an endocrinology graduate from King’s College London, resides in London and the Cotswolds with his family.

Along with Dr Vicky Dondos he founded the award winning anti-ageing clinics, Medicetics, in 2007.

Co-founder and coo

Henry Fyson

An Oxford First Class Honours graduate, Henry began at Bain & Co. before helping set up The Creative Capital Fund, an early-stage VC fund for creative and media startups. He then built and ran several residential property businesses. In 2019, he joined humanpeople as co-founder and COO, leveraging his strategy, operations, and VC expertise to propel the company's growth and vision.

Head of Nutrition

Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey, our esteemed Head of Nutritional Research at humanpeople, is a celebrated Registered Nutritionist (BANT) with over two decades of expertise. Renowned for her holistic approach to nutrition and her passion for real food, Christine seamlessly blends her roles as a chef, author, and broadcaster. Boasting a robust academic foundation, she holds two BScs, an MSc, and a PGCE in nutrition and cookery teaching, further enriched by training with the Institute of Functional Medicine. At humanpeople, Christine collaboratively shaped our health assessment alongside Dr. Geoff and plays a pivotal role in refining our supplement range and treatment strategies.

Anti-ageing expert

Dr Vicky Dondos

Dr. Vicky Dondos author of the best-selling "Positive Ageing Pyramid", is a leading expert in the realm of longevity and skin ageing. With a holistic and highly personalised approach, she emphasises the significance of healthy ageing on the inside and outside.

Dr Dondos brings over 25 years of patient care experience to humanpeople, where she applies her profound knowledge to champion positive ageing strategies and solutions.

Head of brand and Marketing

Karen Kidd

Karen adds the style and design to all of our products. With an unerring attention to detail. She has a a wealth of knowledge in leading Health Care brands. Senior branding and marketing executive. 

Head of Brand at Caffe Nero, scaling from 2004 to present.

Ex-Head of Marketing, 

Nuffield Health.

Alex Sparrow CTO

With 10 years of commercial expertise and an AI PhD from CERN Alex is the person behind our data stack and analytics. He ensures your personalised recommendations match our doctors’ view, and much more besides.

Lukasz Hoffmann Finance and Ops

Lukasz has been with humanpeople from the start focusing on the delivery of the purest supplements for the best possible price. His Finance & Accounting degree is a guarantee for our unbeatable price.

Daniel de Vries Robbé Genomic and nutrition scientist

Daniel is a biomedical Graduate. He is interested in morbidity compression and genetics. He joined humanpeople to support our Genomics Department. He is driven by how to best provide preventative healthcare.

Tahir Mahmood Medical advisor

Tahir is an expert in nutraceuticals and drugs. As a Pharmacist holding an MBA he is an indispensable help to humanpeople securing the highest quality supplements made from pure ingredients.

Advisory Board

Esteban Walther - Marketing

Ex-CMO, Google Latin America.Led Google’s growth into new Latin American markets and new advertising products.Experienced team-builder.

Kim Wylie - People and strategy

VP People at in behaviour change.Influential HR leader, previously at Farfetch & Google.Guest lecturer (LBS, Cambridge University, Imperial College).

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