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SIBO Test with FoodMarble

SIBO Test with FoodMarble

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- FoodMarble AIRE 2 home breath testing device for multiple SIBO tests
– NOT available on the FoodMarble app
- NOTE: lactulose is required for SIBO testing – add to your order or purchase from a pharmacy

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    The fast and easy way to test for SIBO

    • FoodMarble AIRE 2 home breath testing device for multiple tests
    • Hydrogen and methane report plus clinical diagnosis from a Doctor  – NOT available on the FoodMarble app
    • Results within days not weeks
    • Online video course for SIBO diagnosis 
    • Allows for pre- and post-treatment testing (50% saving)
    • Allows for testing for other food intolerances

    Accompanying free app has detailed advice on how to follow a low FODMAP diet

    70% of IBS is caused by SIBO. If you suffer from IBS type symptoms this could be the answer.

    The advantage of using FoodMarble is that it it provides us with an accurate analysis of breath testing without having to wait for laboratory processing time, which can take up to 2 weeks. It also reduces the risk of contaminated breath samples and inaccurate diagnosis.

    Food Marble device

    Home breath testing device that connects to your phone.

    Free online video course

    Understand what SIBO is. How we diagnose it. How to treat it.

    Fast results from a Doctor

    A SIBO diagnosis is only possible when reviewed by a Doctor. The traditional route takes 2-3 weeks, our route takes 3-4 days!

    Lactulose and Food Intolerance kits

    Order your lactulose and food intolerance kits. That way you can get started straight away.

    SIBO breath testing made easy

    Hydrogen and methane testing

    To test for SIBO we measure hydrogen and methane levels in the breath. This can now be done fast and quickly with no failed tests.

    Review and diagnosis from a Doctor

    SIBO testing with FoodMarble is only available with specific partners.

    When you do a test we will see an exact trace of your test, which our medical team will then review.

    We will then share your result on your humanpeople dashboard and give you a diagnosis.

    Repeat testing at no extra cost

    When you get your SIBO test we will review 2 of your tests for no extra cost.

    You can also test for other food intolerances at no extra cost.

    What do we measure?

    The Food Marble device tests for hydrogen and methane.

    How do I prepare for a SIBO test?

    All the information you need can be found in the video accompanying the course.

    Get the FoodMarble app

    The FoodMarble device can be used multiple times (at no further cost) to measure the success of treatment. You will also find Low FODMAP recipes on the app (download the accompanying app: it is the blueFoodMarble appon Apple and can be found in the google play store as wellFoodMarble app google.

    Should I also get lactulose?

    For your SIBO test, you will require 10g of lactulose, you can add this to your purchase or buy lactulose from your local pharmacy.

    When ordering the FoodMarble device it is worth getting the FODMAP packs as well.

    Reviewed by Doctors

    Your personal video explaining your results.

    Trusted source

    Registered and regulated in the UK by the CQC.

    Track your results

    Personalised dashboard tracking

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