Getting To Know Us

The who, how and why.

Our mission is to improve your health

In the UK the average age at which we get a significant health condition is 62 years (ONS UK). We don’t think that is good enough.

We are a dynamic team of scientists, doctors, nutritionists, and tech experts. Personalised health is about optimising current health and the prevention of illness.

We integrate advanced testing into practical application based on clinical evidence with a Doctor led approach. Correct deficiencies in nutritional markers, compensate for genetic weaknesses and rebalance the gut.

We are a health and diagnostic business registered with the CQC in the UK

Medical evidence
Gut health
Personal history
Personalised solution

Dr Geoff Mullan

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Qualified doctor trained at Guys & St. Thomas’ and King’s College London. Degree in Medicine. BSc in Endocrinology. Qualified Functional Medicine Doctor and Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Henry Fyson

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Ex management consultant at Bain & Co, and early-stage venture capital fund manager. Latterly the founder of two businesses in construction and construction project management.

Christine Bailey

Head of Nutrition

Award-winning nutritional therapist, leading healthy eating expert, chef, author and broadcaster with over 18 years of experience. Two BSCs, MSC, and PGCE in nutrition and cookery teaching.

Lukasz Hoffmann

Deputy Chief Operating Officer

BA Finance, & Accounting, Operations, Performance Management, BMC certification.

Daniel de Vries Robbé

Genomic and nutrition scientist

Biomedical Graduate. Genomics focused. Driven by how to best provide preventative healthcare.

Dr Vicky Dondos

Medical Advisor

Health & Wellness leader with dual degrees in Medicine and Psychology. Author of the acclaimed Positive Ageing Plan.

Co-founder of award winning anti-ageing clinics Medicetics.

Alex Sparrow

Head of Technology

Full stack software engineer with over 7 years of commercial experience. He has worked as a full stack engineer for Oak North AI, Improbable and Quartic Technologies. AI PhD in data analysis from CERN.

Tahir Mahmood

Medical advisor

Pharmacist, MBA, business consultant.