Understand how functional medicine Doctors improve acne without medication

Your skin is a complex structure and acne is a symptom of a malfunction. Understanding the cause and supporting the function leads to a long lasting solution.

Formulated by leading functional skin doctor, Dr Geoff Mullan, from the award-winning skin clinic, Medicetics.

The essentials for healthy skin

The key to treating acne can often be found in diet and lifestyle. There is no quick fix, but good skincare, diet and nutritional support will help your skin to function in a healthy way.

“This is the combination that I recommend to my patients and now we have put it together into easy daily packs” – Dr Geoff Mullan.


Resveratrol is the skin protector that helps to rebalance inflammation in the body and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It reduces inflammageing and boosts collagen by slowing down the enzyme that breaks it down.Recent studies by Dr David Sinclair have shown that it can increase longevity.

Vitamin A

Both the upper and lower layers of the skin need vitamin A to function properly. It also helps to moderate sebum production as well protecting the skin from damage by the sun.

Vitamin C and vitamin E

In acne, inflammation becomes chronic. Damaged skin leads to an increased turnover, an increased turnover leads to more clogged pores. Antioxidants are essential to redress that balance and reduce the c. acne bacteria. Reduce highly processed sugars like chocolate and dairy – boost your fruit and vegetables and your skin will thank you.

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Sustainable Superba krill oil

Want normal healthy skin and to help your heart at the same time? Krill is essential for normal skin health. The lack of omega 3 affects the skin barrier and normal sebum making it more likely to become thicker and clog pores.

Krill oil has the edge over pure omega 3 when it comes to skin, due to its extra phospholipid, choline, and astaxanthin contents. That said, both are good. Our pack contains 1000mg of patented sustainable Superba krill.

Forget tiny sprinkles of the good stuff – we use doses that work

One of the standard tricks the nutritional supplement companies follow is to add good ingredients for marketing at strengths that no have clinical evidence base.

That’s why we’re different: we take a multi-pill, single daily pack option, using doses that are backed by clinical trials. A single pack means less waste – everything is recyclable and more convenient.

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