SIBO diagnosis for FoodMarble AIRE2 owners

SIBO diagnosis for FoodMarble AIRE2 owners

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• Clinical diagnosis by CQC regulated doctor

• Detailed SIBO treatment plan

• Faster and cheaper than GPs and provate clinics

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    This option is if you already have a FoodMarble Aire 2 device. By linking your account to our clinical dashboard we can send you a prompt to do a lactulose SIBO test.
    Following the test we will then upload a detailed copy of your result and a clinical diagnosis.
    You will also receive access to the the first part of The IBS-SIBO Solution where you can learn about the causes of SIBO, diagnosis and treatment options.

    Further information


    When you purchase this option you will receive an email from our FoodMarble clinical dashboard.

    It is important that you accept this invitation as this will give us permission to review your test results.

    When you have done this, an option to take a lactulose breath test will appear. If it does not, you may need to log out and back into the app.

    You will also receive access to our online video platform (note you will need a separate sign in for this). Here you can see detailed instructions on how to do your SIBO test.

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