Youthful Ageing

The Doctor-led functional approach to Longevity.

Understanding what you need on a functional level

How it works

1. Tell us about you

Our health assessment will give you a health score and personalised recommendations.

2. Find out about you

Simple painless home tests. Measure essential blood markers. DNA and gut health. Improved personalisation.

3. Your personal stack

Get your personal report and recommendations. Advanced functional and longevity supplements in daily packs.

4. Track your health

Check up and keep track of your improvements on your dashboard. Refine and target new areas.

Or get started without testing

Get recommendations from our health assessment or choose from our Doctor formulated supplement stacks for specific health goals

The value of testing

At-home diagnostic testing is the start of your better health journey. The more tests you do, the more we know. The more we know, the more we can help you. Your dashboard is the place where you can track your results and recommendations. 


Real doctors. Real science.

Your reports will be analysed by Ai and our trusted functional medicine doctors to provide personalised supplement recommendations to optimise your healthspan.

humanpeople is a CQC regulated business in the UK
With UKAS accredited laboratories
And a trusted team of certified professionals & experts

In good hands. Meet the team keeping you healthier for longer


Dr Geoff Mullan

Fully qualified medical doctor (King’s College). Certified Functional Medicine practitioner. Anti-ageing specialist, with deep expertise in nutrigenomics.


Christine Bailey

Award-winning Registered Nutritionist (BANT). Leading healthy-eating expert, chef, author and broadcaster.


Alex Sparrow

Full stack software and data engineer. PhD in CERN data analytics. Expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Dr Vicky Dondos

Anti-ageing expert, specialising in personalised skincare. Health & wellness leader with dual degrees in Medicine and Psychology. Published author.

Mobile phone showing a humanpeople dashboard

Track your progress on your own personal dashboard

No two solutions are the same - our doctors use Ai to analyse your health status to recommend supplement plans to optimise your healthspan.

Access detailed blood and DNA reports all in one place
Track your progress and optimise your health as your needs and goals change
Access total control of your supplement stack and subscription management
View a full summary report of your health, progress and recommendations

Advanced supplements

Skip the tests and head straight for a solution. We offer advanced ready-to-go supplement stacks for specific health goals, as well as the option to build your own. See all supplements

Shop by health goal

Got health goals but unsure where to start?

Take our free health assessment


Why we’re different

Unrivalled precision

Our blood, gut and DNA tests means our supplement combinations are 100% unique to you, a level of precision usually only found at specialist clinics. Routine testing enables us to tweak your individual package in accordance with any changes to your body and mind.


High quality nutraceuticals, with clinically high doses are worth their weight because they are scientifically superior. Choose a subscription package that suits your needs and budget. Our nutraceuticals are typically 10-20% less expensive than their online equivalents.

You’re in control

There’s no minimum subscription period and you can pause at any time. If you ever need help, we’re always on hand.


All our supplements are highly absorbable, GMO free and the highest quality available – guaranteed. Often, this means giving you access to those normally only available to clinicians.