Do a Vitamin D home test, they are cheap and easy to do. Start with 2000 IU or 4000IU depending on your levels. K2: Get a D3 that is already combined with 100 mcg K2, it stops artery calcification and strengthens your bones. Magnesium: Add magnesium threonate in the morning 500-1000mg or Magnesium glycinate at night 2-400mg B12: Good to add: Methyl or hydroxy cobalamin 1000mcg

Check out the ingredients

           Did you know most vitamin D3 is taken from the lanolin in sheeps wool. However if you want a vegan option plenty are available and are made from mushrooms.

The important vitamins you should take alongside vitamin D: K2, Magnesium and B12

It’s the time of year when we should all consider taking a vitamin D supplement. If you have a skin type of colour you should definitely top up your levels as your chances of being deficient are 95% at this time of year.

How much should I take?

We measure vitamin D levels regularly as its a simple at home test. The optimal level is 80-150mmol/L, current UK guidelines are outdated and recommend a level of 50-100mmol/L. The RDA is 400 IU which is too low. We found that 2000IU causes a modest increase in levels. To get to optimal levels requires 4000IU but we always test current status before giving a higher dose. If you are not testing take 2000 IU a day of D3.

K2, Magnesium and B12

K2 is the most important one. High levels of vitamin D3 without K2 has the effect of increasing calcium levels in the blood. If there is not calcium in the diet, particularly a problem if you are vegan, then this comes at the expense of calcium in the bones. K2 helps keep this calcium in the bones by activating the bone building cells (osteoblasts). Take a good quality D3 that has K2 combined with it already, most of the good ones do. How much? 100mcg of MK-7 K2 is what you want.

Magnesium- threonate or glycinate NOT oxide

Magnesium is the most abundant intracellular mineral. The Western diet has a reduced amount of magnesium in our diets. This is due to changing farming methods leading to acidifcation of soil and a 20% decrease in the abundance of wheat we are already at risk of deficiency. Taking vitamin D and calcium will reduce magnesium levels further. It is important to top these levels up if you are taking vitamin D.

Awake and bright or relaxed?

The two well absorbed forms of magnesium are chelated with amino acids. Magnesium glycinate inhibits neurotransmitters so has been shown to combat stress. If you struggle to sleep it also helps to relax and so is one you take before bed. Magnesium threonate is more excitatory and can improve memory and cognition and to take in the morning. NOT magnesium oxide this is the most common form in the market. It is poorly absorbed and not recommended.

1000mcg B12 but not cyanocobalmin

B12 is another vitamin we regularly measure and find is low. It’s essential for energy and heart health.

Meythl and hydroxy cobalamin

These are much better absorbed than cyanocobalamin. Read the label usually they are taken by chewing and not swallowing or putting under your tongue. That way they are absorbed directly in an active form.

Important for vegans

Meat and eggs are a typical source of B12. If you are a vegan you may need to consider taking a supplement for general health and energy.
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