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5-HTP serotonin boost

5-HTP serotonin boost


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• Enhances mood

• Offers relief to those with fibromyalgia

• Helps control appetite

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    The basics

    5-HTP, derived from the Griffonia extract, is a precursor to serotonin, often termed the "happy neurotransmitter." This potent compound boasts a range of benefits from enhancing mood to curbing appetite and managing conditions like fibromyalgia.

    The need to know

    What are the benefits?

    Happy hormone boost

    • Improves mood; depression and anxiety
    • Can be used to treat fibromyalgia
    • Weight loss, helps with the feeling of fullness

    The Science

    5-HTP functions as the direct precursor to serotonin, effectively elevating its production in the brain. Higher serotonin levels translate to enhanced mood, reduced depression, and improved feelings of well-being. Additionally, serotonin plays a key role in modulating appetite by interacting with melanocortin receptors, resulting in increased feelings of fullness. This dual role of serotonin—boosting mood and controlling appetite—underscores the multifaceted benefits of 5-HTP supplementation.

    How will I know its working?

    Elevated mood and reduced episodes of depression or anxiety.
    Alleviation of fibromyalgia symptoms.
    Enhanced satiety after meals, leading to reduced food intake.

    When to take it?

    Take 1 capsule daily with food and water, unless specified otherwise on the sachet.

    Care should be taken if taking anti-depressants as this can cause a significant increase in serotonin levels. Always consult with your Doctor if you are taking these medications. 5 HTP supplements can be used to ease the side effects when taking such medication but should be done under professional guidance.


    Supplement Facts

    Ingredient Amount
    Per Serving
    % Daily
    5-HTP (L-hydroxytrytophan 98% from an extract of griffonia simplicifolia) 400mg

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    Publications you might find interesting

    Want to go a bit deeper?

    The latest research

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