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• Boosts athletic performance

• Improves libido

• Regulates blood sugar

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    Vegetarian Vegetarian
    Non-GMO Non-GMO
    Gluten Free Gluten Free

    The basics

    Cordyceps is a unique fungus with a history rooted in traditional medicine, recognised for its distinctive growth on caterpillars. Research has shown that individual benefits are numerous from enhanced energy to improved libido, it has been harnessed by elite athletes and health enthusiasts alike for its potential benefits.

    The need to know

    What are the benefits?

    Libido and energy

    • Anti-ageing mushroom complex
    • Increases levels of energy
    • All round performance enhancement: 4-8 weeks maximum effect

    The Science

    Cordyceps is believed to stimulate the production of ATP, the primary energy shuttle in cells, thereby ensuring that muscles receive ample energy during physical activity.
    This energy upregulation complements its ability to mitigate lactate-induced muscle fatigue, which traditionally curtails athletic performance. In addition, its potential to enhance blood flow ensures that muscles receive optimal oxygenation. Moreover, the presence of adenosine could contribute to the heart health benefits and stabilise the sugar in diabetic individuals.

    How will I know its working?

    Notable improvement in exercise performance and stamina might be the most obvious indicators. Over a span of one week, subtle changes can emerge, reaching their peak by the eighth week.

    When to take it?

    Take 1 tablet daily with food and water, unless specified otherwise on the sachet.


    Supplement Facts

    Ingredient Amount
    Per Serving
    % Daily
    Cordyceps Sinensis 240mg

    Did you know?


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    Publications you might find interesting

    Want to go a bit deeper?

    The latest research

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