Immunodetox formula

Immunodetox formula

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• Enhanced Immune Function

• Potent Antioxidant Support

• Detoxification support


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    The basics

    In tackling inflammatory conditions like post viral syndrome, an often overlooked approach is fortifying the body's immune system and enhancing its detoxification pathways.
    This is where N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), glutathione, and Vitamin D can play pivotal roles. NAC serves as a building block for glutathione, one of the body’s most potent antioxidants.
    They to modulate the immune system, potentially reducing the body's inflammatory responses that can exacerbate symptoms.
    By bolstering the immune system, NAC and glutathione can help create a more balanced internal environment, possibly alleviating widespread pain and deep-seated fatigue.
    Quercetin is a potent flavonoid that helps balance immune health.

    The need to know

    What are the benefits?

    Vitamin D3, K2, quercetin, vitamin C, reduced L glutathione and NAC combine to offer potent immune modulating and detoxification support.

    The Science

    N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), glutathione, and Vitamin D are supplements with potential therapeutic benefits for individuals with fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions.
    NAC, by acting as a precursor to glutathione, heps mitigate oxidative stress and reduce fatigue.
    Research has shown that in fibromyalgia the antixoidant systems driven by sodium dismutase and catalse can become overwhelmed.

    Glutathione, often referred as the body's master antioxidant, supports cellular health and immune function, potentially alleviating some of the systemic symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

    Vitamin D, known for its immunomodulatory effects, has a powerful effect on immune dysfunction and regulation.

    This supplement pack is high strength and should only be used under the guidance of your healthcare professional.

    How will I know its working?

    The focus of this pack is to improve energy levels and support other adjunctive treatments.

    When to take it?

    This pack should be taken twice daily as instructed by your health practitioner.


    Vitamin D3 4000 IU
    Vitamin K2 MK7 250mcg
    Combination of quercetin, reduced L-glutatione, NAC and vitamin C. 5.2g total
    This treatment comes in twice daily packs with 6 capsules in the morning and 5 capsules in the evening or as instructed by yoru health care provider.

    Did you know?


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    Publications you might find interesting

    Want to go a bit deeper?

    The latest research

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