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Taurine essential amino acid

Taurine essential amino acid


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• Enhances mood and boosts energy levels

• Promotes optimal brain and heart function

• Assists in detoxification and nutrient absorption

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    Vegetarian Vegetarian
    Non-GMO Non-GMO
    Gluten Free Gluten Free

    The basics

    Taurine is a significant amino acid predominantly found in our brain, retina, heart, and reproductive cells.

    It's vital for numerous biological processes, such as detoxification, bile acid formation, energy production, and membrane stabilisation.

    Since it cannot be obtained from plant sources, supplementation can be particularly beneficial for vegetarians, vegans, and those with certain dietary restrictions.

    Our supplement provides 1000mg of free-form Taurine in a cellulose capsule. It is gluten-, soy-, dairy-free, and egg-free, making it a suitable addition to various dietary regimes.

    The need to know

    What are the benefits?

    Digestion and nutrient absorption

    • Essential for normal bile salts and absorption of nutrients
    • Regulates immune system, CNS and eyes
    • Good for maintaining fluids and electrolyte balance

    The Science

    Taurine plays a crucial role in maintaining normal hydration and electrolyte balance and supporting the central nervous system (CNS) and eyes.

    It's fundamental in balancing neurotransmitters like glutamate and GABA in the brain, which are pivotal to neural communication and brain function.

    Furthermore, Taurine helps expedite the metabolism and excretion of harmful by-products, including acetyl alcohol, a toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism, thus offering protective effects.

    How will I know its working?

    Improved energy levels, mood enhancement, and better overall mental and physical well-being.

    When to take it?

    Take 1 capsule daily with food and water, unless specified otherwise on the sachet.


    Supplement Facts

    Ingredient Amount
    Per Serving
    % Daily
    Taurine free 1,000mg

    Did you know?


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    Publications you might find interesting

    Want to go a bit deeper?

    The latest research

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