Ultimate: IBS-SIBO Solution Course - Mastering SIBO Treatment

Ultimate: IBS-SIBO Solution Course - Mastering SIBO Treatment

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• Online SIBO course
• 1:1 support with x2 30 minute consultations
• Over 40 videos with online recipes and food guidance
• Live weekly sessions hosted by SIBO experts


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    The basics

    The IBS-SIBO Solution full course gives you everything you need to beat SIBO all delivered by a team of expert CQC-regulated doctors and nutritionists.

    The course uses a combination of therapeutics plus nutrition support. It is delivered in the form of online videos, fact sheets, recipes and meal planners, combined with the latest advances in accurate home testing for SIBO.

    The need to know

    What are the benefits?

    • x2 1:1 30 minute consultations
    • Access to nutritional professionals through weekly group sessions
    • Introductory masterclass covering all you need to know about SIBO
    • SIBO diagnosis from a qualified doctor (CQC regulated) and personalised treatment plan
    • Learn the treatment options between antibiotics and antimicrobials (not included in course price)

    All therapeutics (sold separately) come in convenient daily sachets – easier for you and kinder to the environment than a clutter of plastic bottles.

    Diagnosis is based on results from a FoodMarble breath test (sold separately).

    The Science

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