Zinc citrate

Zinc citrate


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• Boosts the immune system

• Encourages healthy skin, hair, and nails

• Aids reproductive health

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    Vegetarian Vegetarian
    Non-GMO Non-GMO
    Gluten Free Gluten Free

    The basics

    Zinc and Selenium are two essential trace minerals pivotal for numerous biological processes. These minerals must be obtained through our diet or supplementation, as our bodies cannot naturally produce them. Their synergistic interaction amplifies the immune response, enhances skin, hair and nail health, and aids in maintaining reproductive well-being.

    The need to know

    What are the benefits?

    Immunity Master

    • Anti-oxidant support
    • Supports immune system
    • Healthy hormone and testosterone production

    The Science

    Zinc plays a fundamental role in the immune response by controlling the development and function of cells mediating innate immunity, such as neutrophils and natural killer cells. It also influences the generation of cytokines, signalling molecules that mediate and regulate immunity, inflammation, and hematopoiesis. Furthermore, zinc can increase intracellular levels of the antioxidant glutathione by up to 30%, protecting cells from oxidative stress.

    Zinc deficiency is strongly correlated with lower levels of serum testosterone.

    How will I know its working?

    You might experience an improved immune response, healthier skin, hair, and nails, and better overall well-being. The effects are often subtle and may become noticeable over weeks or months.

    When to take it?

    Take 1 tablet daily with food and water, unless specified otherwise on the sachet.


    Supplement Facts

    Ingredient Amount
    Per Serving
    % Daily
    Zinc 50mg

    Did you know?


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    Publications you might find interesting

    Want to go a bit deeper?

    The latest research

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