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Longevity stack


This Longevity Stack is a potent NAD booster and also great for boosting energy.

Prof. Sinclair Stack


Prof. David Sinclair is a world-leading Longevity expert. This is what is in his stack. Note he also takes metformin, statins and aspirin.

Dr Geoff's Stack


If you want all of our most advanced Longevity supplements in one this is the ultimate combination.
  • NAD boosters
  • Longevity supplements
  • Autophagy supplements
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Boost your wellbeing today and improve your healthspan

A dual approach to longevity

Our approach to longevity is a dual approach. Removing the things that accelerate ageing is the first step. The most common issues are nutrient deficiencies, poor gut health as well as poor sleep, diet and lifestyle.

Health hacking to longevity

The second step is using applying longevity science. Supplement drugs that activate biological pathways to improve the way in which we age. That means better energy production, better repair mechanisms, stronger immunity and building resilience.

Restore Energy Production

NAD levels drop to 50% by middle age. Maintaining energy production and NAD levels is crucial to organ function and longevity pathways.

Maintain Brain Function

Omega-3 for grey matter, nootropics for cognition and memory, neurotransmitter support and protection from inflammation. All are key in protecting from neurodegeneration.

DNA and epigenentic stability

Healthy DNA is supported by activating sirtuin pathways, autophagy and mitophagy. Key enzyme pathways in the redox system keeps cells healthy.

Holistic health

Sleep, diet, exercise and stress control. Optimal digestion and gut health are all key in reducing the accelerators of ageing.

Functional Longevity

Build a solid foundation.

Before optimising and boosting longevity pathways the fastest, easiest and most substantial gains can be made by optimising the basics. that means checking for deficiencies in vitamins D, B12, folate, and iron. They are essential for normal metabolic, hormonal and mitochondrial function, the foundations of Longevity. See our nutrient blood test.

Get on top of any gut issues. Check out our IBS SIBO solution.

Or get going with our leading longevity supplements such as NAD boosters, Trans-resveratrol, Quercetin, and Spermidine.

Dr Geoff Mullan recommends our longevity pack containing a combination of synergistic longevity supplements.

If you're looking for something specific you can build your own stack and we will build this for you, build your own Longevity stack.

Our top longevity supplements

  1. Trans-resveratrol has the ability to enhance lifespan via sirtuin activation is backed by substantial research.
  2. Urolithin A drives the cleansing and recycling of mitochondria to boost vitality.
  3. Spermidine increases autophagy, a key role in renewal and longevity.
  4. L-glutathione. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities of glutathione are fundamental for age-defence.
  5. Quercetin acts as an antioxidant, mitigating oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, and potentially enhancing mitochondrial function for longevity benefits.

  • NAD boosters

    A key molecule to energy production, NAD, drops to 50% by middle age. Reversing this drop leads to better function today and longevity.

    NAD booster 
  • Urolithin A Pure

    The energy production factories in our cells, mitochondria, are key to healthy function. Urolithin A stimulates renewal of mitochondria.

    Urolithin A Pure 
  • Spermidine Pure

    Deep fasting induces autophagy and the removal of unhealthy cells. This process can also be induced by spermidine.

    Spermidine Pure 

Interested in our Doctor's selection?

Our medical team led by our Chief Medical Officer Dr Geoff Mullan has put together a pack of supplements that have synergistic effects based on both clinical experience and the latest research.

If some of the contents are already in your pack our AI will sort these out and only add the new ones. That allows you to merge different specialist packs without duplication.

Check out the full details of the Longevity pack.


Longevity stack

Our longevity pack combines single high strength supplements into daily packs for your convenience. Check out the Longevity pack stack.

Longevity pack

Longevity and energy

Ultimate NAD booster

Boost NAD production to improve energy production and the activation of sirtuin proteins in the body.

NAD booster

Longevity Pack Improvement Timeline

Longevity is about adding more life to your days and feeling better today and tomorrow.

Month 1

Improved concentration. Calm, clear focus. Improved energy.

Month 2

Better exercise recovery. Reduced inflammation.

Month 3

Measurable improvements in blood markers and biometrics.

All the latest news

Links to the research


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